May 31, 2007

Have You Voted

I was pleased some weeks ago when someone I don't know nominated this blog at the Bloggers' Choice Awards for "Best Religion Blog." Well, not "best" actually, though I'm happy to see I'm still in the top 100 -- barely!

So if you'd like to boost this blog in an upward direction -- plowing through the host of traditionalist Roman Catholic blogs, and put me in closer company to some of my more popular friends, you can register to vote at this link (yes, you need to register, just like in real life, and you will need an email address; I used my "nom de web" to create my account and used it to vote for all my friends...]). Then cast a vote for In a Godward Direction (a.k.a. by clicking on the attractive logo:

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

I believe you have until Saturday June 2 to cast your vote! [Correction! Apparently the voting is open until October 19!]

Huzzah! Ain't democracy great... Or, as they say in Chicago, vote early and often. Actually you can only vote once for each blog, but for as many as you like....


June Butler said...

And wouldn't I love to, Tobias, but I can't seem to get past the registration process. I had a friend cast one vote for me, but I hate to bother her to do it over and over for my other best blog friends.

Alas, if you win, it will be without my vote. You're a long shot, but one never knows. You could come from behind at the very end of the race and win it by a nose.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thank you, dear Mimi. The registration process is a bit wifty, especially with the email validation, which, I think, may be the source of the difficulty, as various levels of despamination prevent mail from getting through.

In any case, your kind words are worth more than a vote!

Lindy said...

Voting continues until 11:55 October 19, 2007 so you've still got time! Or, in the case of GM, time to try again. You may vote for more than one blog in each category, btw. But, you may only vote one time for each of your favorites.

My dog was also nominated for his ground breaking work in the area of animal blogging. I am obviously very proud of him. Not many dogs can even type, much less get an award for it. Please consider voting for him:

Good luck with the voting, Tobias. I hope you win!

Linda McMillan