December 18, 2004

Questions for Reasserters

Questons for Reasserters
See the excellent questions posed by the Salty Vicar. Good not only for “reasserters” but for anyone who takes the scripture seriously, which includes most “reassesors” as well, and maybe even more, since they assess as well as assert. The questions include:

  • How do you think the role of blood in the ancient world has changed from our understanding of blood?

  • How do you determine the criteria for interpreting scripture allegorically or literally?

  • How do you think property and sexuality are related to each other in scripture and today? Is there any difference?

  • How you might convince a non-religious person, without using religious language, that the Bible is reliable? How is it reliable?

  • And many more thought-provokers.
    Well done Salty!


    Jake said...

    I must also confess to being a "fan". Your piece on the authority of scripture may be the definitive explanation of the actions of GC from an orthodox perspective. Others who have read it seem to agree. Thanks.

    Anonymous said...

    Me too! Me too! (Another fan)

    J. Collins Fisher