May 16, 2006

Drama Queen

I'm getting very weary of the histrionics from Ambridge. Before the terrorist bomb (read, nominees in California), there was the relatively mild imagery of the Titanic and the Carpathia (read, General Convention and the rest of the Communion).

Now it's the SA and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I begin to wonder about Dean Zahl's rationality at this point. Seriously. Is he literally seeing monsters where none exist? It is astounding to find in one short essay such a raft of argumentum ad misericordiam combined with the relatively more recent argumentum ad Nazium. Certainly he is prosecuting a "Cause" here which was settled 2000 years ago on the hill of Calvary, and which does not need his sense of persecution and threat to complete what is lacking in the suffering of Christ. That Paul can, from the relative comfort and security of his Deanship, portray himself as persecuted — while gay and lesbian people are threatened with prison sentences merely for associating in public or speaking out for civil rights (threats supported by his Nigerian ally +Peter); while gay and lesbian people are beaten to death or executed, by true believers nursed on the toxic teaching of homophobia cloaked under the vestments of religious faith, Christian or Muslim — almost beggars imagination.

But I have a good word for Dean Z. Paul, the strife is o'er. The proof of your faith will lie not in the extent of your purity, or the depths of your sense of persecution, but in how you love your sisters and brothers.

—Tobias S Haller BSG


Anonymous said...

Tobias, would you say your posting here is a good example of what you call "The proof of your faith" and that it a illustrates your point that it is "not in the extent of your purity, or the depths of your sense of persecution, but in how you love your sisters and brothers"? Would you say that your post is loving to your brother, Paul Zahl?

If Paul Zahl were to show up at your door right now, would you read him this post as an example of your love for your sisters and brothers?

What color is your kettle?


Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Dear Mr or Ms Watchtower,

I would be happy to share this with Dean Zahl in person. I would say it is a loving, if stern, correction, and seriously indicates my concern for his well-being. Indeed, I will be in Ambridge this fall, and hope perhaps to meet him. In previous Internet converse with him I have found him to be accessible to correction -- which is what is called for in this.

I don't see that anything in what I've said here in any way demeans or demonizes Paul Zahl. The same can not be said for his comments likening those with whom he disagrees to Nazis and terrorists. Indeed, I've said nothing here negative about Dean Zahl at all apart from my critique of his excessive language and imagery. Perhaps you don't find his language excessive. However, I've been joined in my assessment on this matter by no one less than Kendall Harmon, and a number of other "reasserter" bloggers. This is not about the issues before us, but the manner in which they should be reasonably discussed.

If you cannot see the difference between what I've said here and what Dean Zahl said in the referenced article, then the color of my kettle is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

The Dean insults people and makes sweeping and ridiculous statements. Fr. Tobias points this out and in this there is no cause for rebuke. If the Dean were in my living room I would tell him you are insulting and making sweeping, ridiculous statements.