June 30, 2006

Unity and Truth

Unity without truth may be mere conspiracy.
"Truth" without unity leads only to divisions and factions.
But unity in pilgrimage towards the truth we only know in part:
this is the path the church is called to walk,
following the One who leads us into Truth.

—Tobias S Haller BSG


R said...

You say so succinctly what has been the heart of the matter for some time:

That we are being constantly asked to choose truth or unity -- which is a Faustian choice.

That was the downfall of B033, and likewise the awful thrust of Windsor.

'Tis good to demand both. To pursue both. And, perhaps, to be graced with both.

God willing.

Thank you again.

-Peti- said...

Hi Tobias,

I've been reading you. I foung many very interesting posts here. This is a very good blog!


Ellie Finlay said...

...the truth we only know in part...

This is the most important phrase in your excellent post and it speaks to what bothers me the most about the right wingers - the assertion that we already know the full truth about a given issue now.