December 15, 2006

Please Sir, I Want Some More

As a follow up to an earlier post, I am happy to report that in spite of the Anglican Church of Tanzania House of Bishops' statement that they consider themselves in a severely impaired communion with The Episcopal Church, and wish to recieve no further financial or material aid from anyone who does not share their views on sexuality, the program with which my parish, and others in the Diocese of New York, is involved will continue to receive funds.

As I noted in a comment in the earlier post, it is no good saying, "Give your money to someone else" or "Let someone else provide the money who is acceptable." Charity isn't random or general -- it is always to real live individual people. The act of the majority of the Tanzanian House of Bishops will impede real support to certain real people. Children will go hungry, people will die of preventable causes. I am glad to say that one bishop in Tanzania at least has the will to stand up to the prevailing sentiment against receiving help from those with whom one disagrees.

By the way, here are some of the orphans who would be affected by this embargo, were it to succeed. Look upon them, Bishops, and explain your rationale for their hunger.

For more on this and the Bishops' statements on it, see this story at the Episcopal Diocese of New York website.

And pardon me if I appear the slightest bit angry about all of this.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame you a bit for being mad, Tobias. When it's person to person, it gets real. Having to find a way around a bishop to feed hungry kids is an outrage.

JimB said...

Our parish has a sister relationship with a parish in Sudan. We have never, ever, even suggested they should adopt our views on anything. We know they do not agree with some action in the American church. We know it is likely that the primate will vote in ways we wont like at primate's meetings. No one from here has ever suggested that he change his mind.

We respond not to other's politics, but to their needs. I think the bishops of Sudan understand what their people need. And they understand we are Christians with whom they are free to disagree.

How horrible that ++Uganda are willing to let the children and poor women pay for their politics.


Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Anyone interested in making a donation to support the Carpenter's Kids through the Diocese of New York can visit this weblink.
Make sure to enter "The Carpenter's Kids" in the "purpose" field.

Thanks to Ann for reminding me of this!