February 9, 2007

Les jeux sont faits

The Anglican Communion —
Heading Every Which Way Since 1867

Speculation concerning the upcoming Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam is running rampant — which is almost as dangerous as running with scissors. Rampancy is best suited as a standing posture, as it is difficult to run with arms raised in a threatening manner. Like most postures, it looks sillier the longer it is held.

The speculations range (to continue the geographcial metaphor) from Armageddon to Grovers Corners as to whether this will be decisive and divisive, or cogent and coherent.

All I can say is, I only just now realized how much the Anglican Communion “Compassrose” resembles a roulette wheel. Round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows.

Rather than adding my own spin to this particular wheel, I will rather pray for the players in this serious game. Most especially for our Primate, and for those to whom she speaks — that ears, minds, and hearts may be open, and the tedious postures of rampancy set aside, as all sit together — or better yet, kneel together at the table of the One who told us not to judge, but to love one another.

Tobias Haller BSG


episcopalifem said...


Ann said...

You may have to start a Cafe Press site to make t-shirts of this one. Love it.

Saint Pat said...

I love it! I want the t-shirt!

June Butler said...

As a full-fledged member of the Adoration of Katharine Society, which Ann has so kindly organized, I am praying for Bishop Katharine and the other bishops at the meeting, that God's healing love will flow freely among the group and that God's Spirit will impart to to all present the gifts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Indeed, may they "kneel together at the table of the One who told us not to judge, but to love one another".

JimB said...

Back when some of us were allowed to write to the house of deputies board, there was a discussion on of all things the sign. Some felt that "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" had gotten a bit used up.

I offered as an alternative, "The Episcopal Church -- living in ambiguity." Maybe with your logo and my slogan we have a business opportunity! I want that tee shirt!


episcopalifem said...

I want the T-shirt too!

With Jim's slogan.