April 23, 2007

Go in peace

When the deacon sends us forth from worship, we are reminded of our commission to address the needs of the world. It is a dismissal not a dispersal. We are sent, not excused. —Tobias Haller


Maggie said...


Barbara said...

So our attendance is an implicit "Here am I, Lord. Send thou me." I like this. Thank you, Tobias.

Paul said...

Our deacon, who has since left for service elsewhere, used to begin her dismissal as follows: "Our worship has ended; our service now begins. Go and serve the Lord"

Bede said...

I have never liked "dismissal" because it implies "sent away", ie. "We're done with you for now."

I invented a new word.

Exmissal means "sent from", ie. "You are sent out from among us."


thomas bushnell, bsg said...

Bede's insight is right, but his Latin is wrong. "dismissal" has exactly what he wants; it would be "absmissal" or something of that sort (if there were such a word) which would mean "sent away".

Reverend Ref + said...

My biggest problem is simply getting people to sound alive ... especially during Easter.

I finally made an announcement before service on Sunday: It's Easter, people! Christ is Alive. Let's at least ACT excited!

It worked. I had the best responses in a long time. I think I'll remind them again this Sunday.

Rich said...

I would add, Rev. Ref, that there's not enough enthusiasm at the great Amen concluding the Eucharistic prayer. It's written: AMEN!

Bede said...

Thanks to Thomas Bushnell for the Latin lesson. I knew I shouldn't have skipped Latin in H.S.

I, too, add "The worship is ended, let the service begin!" before the dismissal (note my repentance).

To RevRef: If I don't get a good response in Easter to "Alleluia. Christ is risen!" I repeat it louder and louder until I do, usually to big smiles from the congregation.


Reverend Ref + said...

Rich: Yes, an enthusiastic response at the Great AMEN is seriously lacking, but we're working on it.

Bede: If I don't get a decent response, I will say, "Let's try that again, shall we."