May 30, 2009

Thought for 05.30.09

One of the most graceful and grace-filled things about a close examination of and intimate relationship with the Scripture is that we can find implicit ways better to understand some of its explicit language. If this were not so, the Scripture would long ago have been dead to us; while, on the contrary, the Spirit continues to guide and instruct the people of God, to better, and more charitable ways of life.

— Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG


June Butler said...

Oh yes, Tobias! If the words in the Scriptures were not alive with the Spirit and full of grace, they would surely be dead. I think of certain brief passages that are touchstones for me, that have become part of me, real and true in powerful ways, like Micah 6:8, which comes to my mind so very often, and I am so grateful for those words.

Any of you who don't know the verse from Micah, look it up and commit it to memory. ;o)

TheraP said...

There are times when words of scripture seem to go straight to the heart, almost as if bypassing the intellect. For each of us, I believe, there are certain passages which, for whatever reason, are particularly powerful. And for all of us there are times and seasons for certain words, certain passages, certain stories.

I find myself powerfully resonating to single words at times. Words in one place reminding me of words in another place. Sometimes that's a deliberate choice of the biblical writer. But other times I feel it's the spirit directing the process.

That's the thing about scripture - as opposed to other writing. Its power to go straight to the heart.
To move us, from within, in ways that are often unconscious. Not God moving "over" the waters - as in the creation image - but God moving through the waters or under them.

I'm not sure if I correctly understood the little paragraph you've written. But I can tell you for sure I think my heart got it!

Fr Craig said...

Amen, brother. Scripture speaks to our hearts, not our minds. The HS, especially this day, teaches us what we cannot think, but only feel - God bless her.