November 5, 2010

The Man in the Mirror

In response to the move against adoption of the Anglican Covenant, Bishop Gregory Cameron has come up with a surprising image to describe those opposed to it: the BNP, the current incarnation of Fascism in Britain. This comes on the heels of other English sources responding to critiques of the Covenant as if such moves to defend historic Anglicanism from a revisionist experiment in ecclesiastical oligarchy were signs of incipitent Nazism. Thank you, Bishop Godwin.

What a bizarre world such Covenant supporters live in: "It is absolutely vital to adopt it, but it really won't make much difference! It will bring us closer together, except for those who don't agree with the majority, who will be relegated to a different level or status." It doesn't make one a Fascist to point out that paradox, or the un-Anglican aspects of the proposal.

Moreover, one ought remember that the symbol of Fascism is a bundle of rods surrounding an axe — the symbol of unity maintained by force — precisely what the Windsor Report (paragraph 118) called for! The seed of the libido dominandi bears such fruit, and bitter it is indeed.

Come, friends, we shall dine on bread and ashes, 
and quaff the bitter tears; 
we shall serve up messy pottage — 
the best we've had in years!

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG
h/ts to Episcopal Café & Thinking Anglicans


IT said...

This topsy-turvy world is not unlike the initiative in Oklahoma that passed, forbidding Sharia law.

I know, I know. But the organizer says the initiative was necessary to block liberal judges.

As Digby wroteSomebody's got to stop all those liberal judges from imposing ultra-conservative Sharia Law and stoning gays and women who stray from God's path. Oh wait...what are we talking about again?

I've always loved this particular piece of conservative lunacy but it hasn't been much in evidence recently what with the sacred-constitution-except-for-the-bits-I-don't-like fetish of the teabaggers. But it's always out there. It's just an article of faith (no pun intended) that liberals are simultaneously godless libertines and allies of hard core fundamentalist wingnuts.

JCF said...

It's the whole "Brandname X God" thang again.

Sharia comes from Brandname Y God: defend us from the heathen!

But for Teh Gays and feminazis who defy holy Brandname X God's LAWS??? There's NO "separation of Church and State" in the Constitution, dammit! (And pass Brandname X's holy Anglican Covenant, ASAP!)


June Butler said...

Or the reductio ad Hitlerem argument.