April 22, 2011

Way of the Cross

An "encore" from a few years back. A musical meditation on the Stations of the Cross. Themes of the Passion hymns are woven together with impressions of the mockery of the crowds, as the Servant King makes the perfect offering of himself for the salvation of the world. Drawing its musical inspiration from fractured versions of traditional Paschal hymnody, but culminating in a hopeful realization of O Traurigkeit:

O Jesus blest, my help and rest
with tears I pray thee, hear me;
now, and even unto death,
dearest Lord, be near me.

—Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG
performed by the Garritan Orchestra and the East West Symphonic Choir

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June Butler said...

Encore, encore! The music sets the mood well for meditation on Good Friday.