December 21, 2011

Modern But Not Modernist

I heartily commend Jonathan Clatworthy’s essay Instead of the Anglican Covenant over at the Modern Church website. It is a calm and measured call for engagement rather than schism (de facto via the incursions, severances and refusals by some of the provinces of the Global South; or de jure via the imposed relational consequences of the proposed Anglican Covenant.)

He offers a much more sane, safe, and traditionally Anglican way forward in our Anglican disagreements, and I hope his words will help persuade those seemingly held captive by the “Only Way Forward” scenario to perceive that there are other ways, and better.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG
h/t to Thinking Anglicans


Christopher said...

In reading this, I recognize Anglicanism as I have known and do know it. The conservative temperament of Anglican Christianity makes for provisional truth claims, and rightly so, for a faith that professes One God in Three Persons(, of whom, One of these became human) where Person is irreducible, that is, a knowable and revealable but never completely fathomed mystery.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thank you, Christopher, for the linkage to this season's theme of Incarnation. The proposed covenant strikes me as all machina, and no Deus. It also strikes me that some prefer the reducible route, and think they know the mind of God when it isn't entirely clear they know the mind even of other people...