February 2, 2012

Update on York’s Interview

A full transcript of the Archbishop of York's interview with the Daily Telegraph is now available. Although it casts some of his more offensive comments in a kindlier context, those comments themselves remain problematical as examples of circular and/or definitional reasoning: i.e., marriage is between a man and a woman because that's what marriage is; and, the state shouldn't get involved in such things because it isn't the state's business to be involved in such things. That failure to recognize the important role of the state in the history of the institution of marriage was the main focus of my earlier critique.

I do appreciate his desire to support same-sex couples who are raising children. Pity is he doesn't see how helpful civil marriage would be in making that task easier, by simplifying much of the legal tangle people face. And church marriage might do even more to support both the individuals and the institution.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG
h/t Thinking Anglicans


Ann said...

And too bad he did not speak out for the protection of gays-- Jamaica is currently one of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBT

Leonard said...

Meanwhile ++John while visiting LGBT blood-drenched Jamaica suggests:

¨THE INFLUENTIAL archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is of the view that one the challenges bedevilling the Church is the failure of leaders to accept responsibility for misdeeds...¨

I hope he gets the message (and realizes ¨sins of ommission¨ and marginalizing LGBT people at Church are misdeeds -- grave ones!).

Leonardo Ricardo/Len

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thanks, Ann, and Len. ABY seems out of touch. No surprise there, sadly.