March 12, 2012

Scotland the Brave

England is hogging all the attention in the Proposed Anglican Covenant arena these days, as their synodical process winds on in a pattern not unlike that of the Republican primaries. So it is good to be reminded that the Scottish Episcopal Church is also going through a synodical approval process. Paul Bagshaw reports that five of the seven synods have voted, and all of them have said No to the Covenant. The remaining two may do so as well.

I commend Archdeacon Simonton's long and carefully written rebuttal to the historical revisionism that forms some of the PAC's undergirding.  It is important to note, from an American perspective, the debt The Episcopal Church in the United States owes to that in Scotland, not just in the person of Seabury, but in our liturgy, the eucharistic prayer of which derived not from the pruned stub of the English 1662 book, but the rich rootstock and leafy branches of the full-blown Prayer preserved by the disestablished Scots.

There is more to the Anglican Communion than the relics of England's faded Empire, and more to the Communion than the proposed Covenant deems worth noting or celebrating.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

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