April 22, 2012

Anglican Algebra

Today's lesson is very short and consists of a single formula, which can be taken as an axiom:

  Covenant ≠ Communion 

This simple expression can serve as a reminder that the Proposed Anglican Covenant, only having come into prospective being within the last few years, and perhaps never to see broad acceptance throughout the Anglican Communion, is not in fact essential to or definitive of the Anglican Communion.

It was a proposal, a mechanism, perhaps even a movement: but it was not, is not, and never shall be “The Communion.” It will remain, in relation to the Communion, something that was adopted at a particular point by some of its members. It is not of the esse of the Communion; perhaps not even of the bene esse of the Communion.

Class dismissed.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

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