January 17, 2015

Traversing the Multiverse, A Thought

A final thought before retiring for the evening:
Posit that each of the almost infinite number of universes form all of the possible permutations of the arrangements of all matter and energy, and that our “experience” is actually the movement of our consciousness from one universe to another. It’s not so much that there is another “me” in another universe, but that the “me” is not just the atoms that make “me” up in any given universe (as I'm more that that even there), but the coherence that threads all of these different possible “me”s together. I think of it as a set of movie films, each slightly different, laid out side by side in strips, but the “story” isn't told by running along a single film as usual, but sideways from frame to frame between all of the different films. 
And now, good night... happy dreams.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG


Jack said...

Have you read "Worlds Without End: The Many Lives of the Multiverse" by Mary Jane Rubenstein? A fascinating exploration of the theological, philosophical and scientific takes on the multiverse for Plato to the present. Right up your alley, I'm thinking.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thanks! Something to add to my reading list... ;-)