February 14, 2015

Two Is Not One

One of the canards often cast about in the discussion of marriage equality is the charge that it is all about "liberal individualism" or "personal autonomy." Though I do not agree with this being raised even when the discussion is about "gay rights" (such as Alan Keyes famous disassociation from his lesbian daughter in charging her with "hedonism") it seems literally doubly incongruous to raise issues of "individualism" when the discussion is about marriage — which is not about the individual but the couple. Marriage is not about individual autonomy, but mutual submission in the loving gift of each to the other.

Some seem not to appreciate that the conversation has moved on from "individual rights" to "marriage equality." They still want to raise red flags that are increasingly irrelevant. This is neither about individualism or liberalism. This is about marriage. And as Theodore Olson has argued, marriage equality is essentially conservative, not liberal.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG


Mary Clara said...

So true, Tobias! Mutual submission is what it's all about.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rev. Kurt Huber said...

The inherently conservative position of marriage equality struck home with me when I read NYTimes columnist David Brooks who was arguing a few years ago that conservatives should be embracing same-sex marriage not condemning it.

(He wasn't arguing from a religious perspective.)