February 21, 2017

As Jesus Did

The church could do worse than follow Jesus. He said adultery was wrong, and expanded the definition even to include lustful eyes — but when faced with an actual adulterer he critiqued her accusers and sent her on her way forgiven. He taught chastity — but when the woman of the streets broke into the banquet and poured out her tears and perfume doubly to anoint him, declared the redemptive quality of her love. So I say to the church today: teach what you will, but bear in mind that your teaching is not the heart of your mission, but forgiveness and love.

—Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

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John Julian said...

Oh, God, yes! If only your words could be heard above the rumbles and shrieks. How much better to over-love than to under-love—how much better to take a risk in the direction of caring with only rigid evangelical certainty being the other option. I think that if we continue to remind OURSELVES of the sovereignty of love, and let it expand and fill our OWN lives, that may provide God enough of a foothold to let the grace flow again. Thank you even for the rarity of a blog entry......