February 4, 2008

(Related) Thought(s) for 02.04.08

1) True believers are attracted to the possibility of losing everything for the sake of that in which they believe.

2) Fervor in belief is no guarantee of rightness in belief.

3) Some people who lose everything have actually lost everything.

Tobias Haller BSG

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Erika Baker said...

Point one... yeeeesss... but....if our lives are genuinely informed and moulded by our discernment of what the Living God requires of us we have to trust that we are on the right path.

If our discernment is genuine, informed by bible study, prayer, reading and a genuine engagement with what our church has discerned and is discerning anew, we have to live in the firm hope that we will not "have to lose everything" for the sake of our belief.

That is not to say that constant and painful growth and change are not necessary, but we must be careful, or the words "being prepared to lose everything for my faith" can become one of those deep and meaningful holy Christian ideals we spout to sound more holy than we are. With all these ideals there is a great danger of cloaking ourselves in an undeserved mantle of righteousness rather than living as genuinely as we possibly can.