September 26, 2008

Friday Cat Dog Blogging

This is Sancho, whom I met when I was in San Francisco, along with his "companion" Graziela. He only weighs a little over four pounds, and is some three years old. Very intelligent, apt to fetch stuffed toys and leap excitedly. On the whole very doglike.

I confess I am not in general a "dog person" as I find most dogs to be a bit overwhelming -- especially when they weigh more than I do. (This does not include +Clumber, who has all the due Episcopal decorum.) But Sancho and Gracie were delightful, in spite of the latter's not yet completely house-broken ways.

Augusta Victoria, who weighs more than both of these pooches combined, need not hear of this. She has given up blogging for the time being, as she has become fascinated with CNN's coverage of meta-debate about the presidential debate, including coverage of their own staff meetings' discussion of the same. This is as close to a cat-toy as news can get.

Tobias Haller BSG


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love the photo and the story of the cat watching CNN.

Anonymous said...

I confess I am not in general a "dog person" as I find most dogs to be a bit overwhelming

I confess, I find your confession a bit overwhelming, Tobias (Dogs being merely the single BEST evidence of a Loving Dog, I mean Loving God! ;-D)

Don't get me wrong: cats are great, too. But c'mon: the wagging tails? Adoring gazes? The buddy who'll follow you any fool place you choose to go (as if it were the GREATEST thing ever)?

To paraphrase the philosopher: "An un-dogged life is not worth living". God bless all those cold noses!

Buddies said...

It's funny how people fall into two camps - dog or cat. I find it's down to the individual pet, the character is what it's all about.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

I did not mean to begin or even enter into the ongoing cat/dog debate -- though judging from last night's human/human debate I'm not sure it would be any less productive. Perhaps we should talk more in the terms of Cat-State / Dog-State instead of Red/Blue?

I do think it does depend on the specific as well as the generic: obviously in this case I was won over completely by Los Perritos de Casa Guadalupe -- Sancho y Graziela; but I have no great fondness for being around my neighbor's huge Max. And, to be fair, there are cats and cats. Animals have personalities -- or is it animalities? -- no, let's say personalities, for they can be very like us.

In fact, as I've often said, Dogs are like people as we wish people were, while cats are like people as they actually are. So, in keeping with something I think Mark Twain said, dogs allow us to feel like gods, but cats remind us that we aren't. There is room for both in the peaceable kingdom.

Erika Baker said...

I don't understand this dog/cat debate.

In our family, we have a dog who nursed the kitten. They have both learned so much from each other that we're now proud owners of a dat and a cog.
The cog has learned to catch, kill and eat mice, the dat goes puddle dipping and then comes in and shakes himself dry.
Needless to say, they prefer each other's food and toys, the cog curles up in front of the fire and the dat comes out for walks with us.

I dread to think what it all says about the people living in this house!

June Butler said...

Sancho is a dear, but he's tiny. One would need to take care where one sits.

pam said...

i love both dogs n cats - for different reasons.

Dogs are faithful,highly interactive, can be trained to do works and stuff, help the master, learn tricks and play with us to please us (as well as themselves), very lively. When we're sad, they're just there, silently accompanying you, letting you know, "I'll be there for you" (chuckles)

Cats are interactive, but not as well as dogs, playful, only to please themselves. But cats are clean, i only bathe my cat once a month, and cats are gentle, delicate. I especially like it when cats brush their heads and bums against me, and when I hug them, their purring makes me feel so good!

One thing both have in common which I liked too - their different sounds of voices - groaning, whimpering, crying, meow, grunting, begging, all sorts - they just make me laugh.

Tat's why i liked both dogs n cats! =)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Tobias. You shall be ever in the prayers of the churches in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. And I can assure you all out there, that if and when you meet me, you will find me completely underwhelming, so no worries!

Anonymous said...

Love dogs, love cats. Currently making do with numerous fish (Bettas DO have personality!) and a parrot with attitude.


Anonymous said...

Love dogs, love cats. Currently making do with numerous fish (Bettas DO have personality!) and a parrot with attitude.


Erika Baker said...

"(Bettas DO have personality!)"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.