April 25, 2009

Inclusion and the Litmus of Communion

The Church Times has a great headline for a story:

Covenant is to be used as litmus test of Anglicanism

Well, it's about time, I say. I've always wanted to know if Anglicanism is acid or base. I've always thought, a little bit of both, but if I'm remembering my high-school chemistry (we were just emerging from alchemistry at the time) that would lead to salt and water. Tears before bedtime?

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to wonder if the right answer isn't just, "Let anyone sign who wants to!" TEC, sign up. Individual dioceses -- be our guest. The long and tedious ACI essay I commented on below, if all it was really meant to accomplish is to make a case for individual dioceses signing the covenant if they want -- well, why not? It doesn't take autonomy (which dioceses don't have) to accept the terms of the covenant, especially with the language of section four (according to the gloss by Dr. Radner) to mean that the Southern Baptists could sign if they want to. Come on, Mexico. You too, Canada. Let's all be documented Anglicans, eh? Nothing could more quickly rob the proposed Covenant of its (surmised and fading) exclusivist intents than for all to adopt it.

Let those with pens to sign, sign.

— Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG
(to be taken with a grain of Anglican salt...)

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susan s. said...

"(to be taken with a grain of Anglican salt...)"

Only one, dear Tobias? ;-)