January 5, 2010

A Diagnostic Tool for Anglicans

Tell me if this handy checklist doesn't describe the state of the Anglican Communion, and many of its individual members (including TEC) in recent years.



Christopher said...

I've been pointing out for about three years that codependence and symptoms similar to that of an alcoholic home describe well the current state of the Anglican Communion, at least at its upper eschalons of authority. I think at the parish level in many places things continue to hum along.

WSJM said...

Ouch! Bingo!

Anonymous said...

But then again, it also looks a bit like a list of the symptoms of being human.


MarkBrunson said...

I've said so for quite some time.

Maybe someone with a collar will be listened to?

June Butler said...

Yes and yes.

Yes to the symptoms of co-dependency, and yes to the symptoms of being human.

Paul, you made me laugh, and you get extra points for that.