January 1, 2010

Jesus Shall Reign

A setting of Isaac Watts great hymn, an arrangement of the tune "Duke Street" by yours truly, sung at a Brotherhood eucharistic celebration by the Brotherhood Schola under my direction, in 1994 -- at the Graymoor Ecumenical Institute, Garrison NY.

Happy New Year!

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

MP3 File


Fran said...

Happy and Blessed New Year to you and James!

I love this music - and from Graymoor no less. It is a place that is very important to me, I have spent a lot of time there.

Thanks for sharing this. God blessed you in so many ways and your generous sharing of your blessings is a gift to the world.

June Butler said...

Lovely way to start the new year.

2010 feels a lot like 2009. I wonder why.

Thank you, Tobias.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

One of my favorites. Thanks, Tobias!

Unknown said...

You arrange music too? Tobias, is there anything you can't do? ;) Happy New Year!

MarkBrunson said...

Happy New Year, Tobias.

Jan said...

Lovely. Happy New Year!

Did I ever tell you that our priest really liked your book, which I gave to her?