March 17, 2010

Early Annunciation for Another Mary

Word has come from the Presiding Bishop's office that sufficient episcopal and standing committee consents have been received for the ordination of Mary Glasspool to the episcopate in mid-May. Many will rejoice at this, myself included, but many also will be troubled — and I feel for them as well. Change is often difficult, and I know many will be wounded in their conscience, or concerned for possible consequences, even as others give thanks and celebrate.

I am reminded of a passage concerning Mary the Mother of our Lord, from the Protoevangelium of James (17:2):

Joseph and Mary drew near unto Bethlehem, within three miles: and Joseph turned himself about and saw her of a sad countenance and said within himself: "Peradventure that which is within her paineth her." And again Joseph turned himself about and saw her laughing, and said unto her: "Mary, what aileth thee that I see thy face at one time laughing and at another time sad?" And Mary said unto Joseph: "It is because I behold two peoples with mine eyes, the one weeping and lamenting and the other rejoicing and exulting."
Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

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This is good. Thank you.