October 1, 2010

New Parish in Blogopolis

The Rev'd Jonathan Hagger, known to friends (and a few foes) as Mad Priest, has entered a new phase of ministry, in the virtual parish Saint Laika's. Of it, Jonathan says:

Absolutely everyone is welcome at St. Laika's.

We are an ecclesial community without any formal membership. You are part of it if you want to be part of it.

We are pan-denominational and nobody is excluded because of their personal beliefs or lack of belief. Our worship is from the Christian tradition and our liturgy is borrowed from any source that takes our fancy.

We are an emergent church. We go where God leads us. We are an experiment that is attempting to blur the edges between the virtual and the real worlds. It is our intention to have a presence outside of the internet. We are an international group but each of us is based firmly in our own local context. We are what we are.

On this webpage we will be creating opportunities in which we can worship together. There will also be articles posted, not to tell you want to think but to get you thinking. If you wish to contribute in any way please email the blog administrator via the link below. You can also comment on any post in the normal blogging fashion although nasty or trollish stuff will be rejected.

Pay a visit, say (and hear) the Office, contemplate a saint or two, offer a prayer, and, if you are so minded, read the "sermon" that Jonathan bid me contribute for the inaugural.

May God prosper Saint Laika's and all who sail in her, upon the rough waters of this middle earth.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

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