December 7, 2013

Welcome Bishop-Elect Shin

Happy to report that the Diocese of New York has elected Allen K Shin as Bishop Suffragan, on the fourth ballot.

I thought we might be at the Convention until late in the day; but the Holy Spirit, I truly do believe, was with us from the start, and the trend was clear and manifest by the fourth ballot. God bless Allen and the beginning of a new ministry, on the anniversary of his priestly ordination, no less.

Also very happy to report that the Baptistery Chapel was reserved for prayer throughout the day, and a few of us found respite from the caucusing there -- in peaceful quiet. The placement in the Baptistery is poignant for me, as my slot in the columbarium is right there staring me in the face; a sobering call to prayer, but in this case, joyfully answered!

I knew Allen from seminary, where he was a year ahead of me. His experience in multiple cultural contexts, and internationally, will bring some new perspectives to the House of Bishops, and be a good fit for the multiplex that is the Diocese of New York. And he sings rather well.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG


G said...

Solid multicultural and anglo-catholic credentials; very happy for your diocese!

Deacon Charlie Perrin said...

I know Fr. Shin as he has been a cleric in the Diocese of Long Island for a while now.

I am very happy for him.

I have always said that it is far better to be a Bishop Suffragan than a Bishop Diocesan.

The Suffragan gets to be a bishop and does not usually have to make any decisions that are going to make people unhappy.

susan s. said...

Love your throwaway line about singing! It's always nice when clergy can!! And now a bishop to add to the mix! ;-)