March 2, 2016

Rare Political Outburst

As much as the GOP would like to pretend that Donald Trump is simply the crazy cousin that they hid in the basement all these years instead of providing adequate mental health care, this is not really the case. The truth is that the GOP has labored on this, though unwittingly, ever since Barak Obama came on the scene, even before he was elected. They have nourished falsehoods and suspicions; they have prejudiciously pledged themselves to obstruction of anything he might propose; they have been as good as their word and blocked actions not terribly unlike some they themselves proposed in earlier days; they have fostered unreasonableness and know-nothingism as if these were cardinal virtues, feeding denial of science and common sense at the capacious breast of religious quackery. In short, they have none other than themselves to answer to the charge that things have gone terribly wrong.

I rarely make political comments on this blog, but I could not resist at this point. Mea culpa.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

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John Julian said...

The terrifying thing for me is to consider the hundreds of thousands of people in these primaries who are actually voting in support of that maniac. It reflects horrendously on the American public that a mad man can be rather widely supported in his insanity. When it started I thought it was a great joke—hilarious that this unbalanced man would even dream of running for president—and I stood aghast as I watched the widening show of support for him—was the whole world crazy???. And now the odds are quite good that he will be the Republican candidate—and would have the support of a large slice of American public voting for him. It is even not inconceivable that he might be elected! How will people ever explain this to the rest of the world and to their own children in the next generation?