April 21, 2008

The Big Room

I'm happy to announce that I will be the preacher at the upcoming Holy Eucharist at the Wardens' Conference of the Episcopal Diocese of New York this coming Saturday, April 26. This will be my first time preaching in "the Big Room" of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Bishop Sisk will be the celebrant, one day after his patronal feast (and the tenth anniversary of his consecration as bishop). I am deeply honored to be given this opportunity to address the Wardens of the diocese, and I hope to give them something positive to think about.

I've preached in the Cathedral before, but always in one of the chapels rather than in the main body. Even though the nave is half-boarded-up because of the continuing work on restoration after the fire, what remains is still more impressive than any other church I've been in!


Jane R said...

Oh, Tobias, how wonderful! I wish I could be there. May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you.

Anonymous said...

You will wow them in the Big Church! Amen to Jane's prayer.