October 28, 2008

Scooped by Gumbo Grannie!

Well, I'd hoped to report on my visit to Baltimore, complete with photos sent to me by fellow blogger Mary Clara, who lives in that metropolis and found her way to Saint James Parkton this last Sunday, but the indomitable Grandmère Mimi has beat me to the punch, or the punch-bowl, and spilled the proverbial beans -- whether zaydeco vert or the red ones that go with rice, I know not.

So hie thee hence to the nest of The Wounded Bird who has been getting a good bit of press herself lately, courtesy of the Huffington people.

Meanwhile, just let me add that the Baltimore and Parkton experience was delightful, and it was a joy to spend some time with the congregation and its leadership, and to put a face to a virtual friend from the Internet.

Tobias Haller BSG


June Butler said...

Tobias, I am so sorry. You see, it was the picture of Mary Clara and having it first, and I got carried away, never even thinking that you may want to tell the story yourself. I could say that it's Mary Clara's fault for sending me the report and the pictures, but I would never say that.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

No problem GM. In fact, it gave me an excuse to link to your Huffington Post article, so it is all to the good. Lord knows there are few enough things one can scoop these days with any kind of pleasure!