December 12, 2008

Avery Dulles SJ RIP

I just saw an announcement that Cardinal Avery Dulles, a hard-minded but generous-hearted Jesuit, has died, at the age of 90, in the infirmary at Fordham University, where he was in residence in recent years, just a few blocks down the hill from my parish church. When he was created Cardinal in 2001, I was tempted to send a note saying how happy it always makes me to hear that one of my parishioners has been honored. I'm sorry I didn't, as I think he would have smiled. Perhaps he is smiling now. God rest him, in eternal light.

Tobias Haller BSG


June Butler said...

May Cardinal Dulles rest in peace and rise in glory.

I owe a good bit to the Jesuits, including help to pay the cost of my college education.

Anonymous said... lux perpetua luceat eis.

rick allen said...

Obituary here from the London Times:

I know his work mainly from two books, "The Catholicity of the Church" and "The Assurance of Things Hoped For."

Both, I think, fall in the category of "Patient Explanations" rather than groundbreaking theology. But it is surely a valuable talent to be systematic and lucid.