November 9, 2011

Et in Albania Ego

I will be in the Diocese of Albany this weekend, speaking at the Annual Meeting of Albany Via Media on Saturday afternoon and celebrating the eucharist and preaching on Sunday (9 and 11:15 am): all events to take place at the historic St. George’s Church, Schenectady.

The talk will be about “Anglican Disunion” — which is to say, about the realities of Anglicanism, and how to live with them! I hope friends in the area of upstate NY might make it to one or more of the events.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG


June Butler said...

Tobias, I wish I could be there, but it's a bit far. God bless you and James on your journey and in your ministry in Albany.

Fran said...

I have a crazy weekend ahead, but maybe I can get myself to St. George's. It would be very nice to see you again Tobias, even if just for a moment after the service.

JCF said...

WOW! :-0

I've been to that parish before (c. 1993), and your preaching there then (that is, they DO know who you are?) would have been inconceivable!

Vaya con Dios...

[NB: Not inconceivable, Tobias, because you're gay, mind you. But because you're honest about it. ;-/]

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thanks, GM. I know it is too far to commute! Fran, hope to see you. I understand the eucharist on Sunday is on local TV; don't know the details. JCF, yes, times have changed, and they continue to head our way. That whole "arc of God thing..."

MarkBrunson said...

Stay off Rawson Circle! That place is a black hole!

Oh . . . you don't mean that Albany. And I was so looking forward to meeting you! :D