December 14, 2007

John's Advent Birthday Song

This is a version of my text of the Benedictus conceived as an English folk-song. Apologies for the sound quality, which does seem to sound as if the singer and brass are inside a tunnel somewhere outside of Leeds.

MP3 File

Here are the words (the tune was suggested by by friend and colleague Richard of Caught by the Light:

Bless’d be the God of Israel
who sets his people free.
He has raised up a Savior from
the branch of Jesse’s tree.

His prophets promised us of old
that we would find release
from bondage and captivity,
and come to know his peace.

Our forebears heard his promises,
as by himself he swore
that one day we would worship him
in righteousness once more.

And you, my child, shall be the one
to clear your Master’s way,
who’ll guide us out of this dark place
and lead us into day.

So God will let us know of grace,
in saving us from sin,
a light that shines in darkest night
from death our souls will win.

All praise to God the Father, with
the Son and Spirit One,
as was, is now, and will be, while
eternal ages run.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG


susan s. said...

So I tried this once and something didn't take. It this is the second comment from me please ignore it!

Are we allowed to sing this any and everywhere?
This is really lovely. The words really fit the tune.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Hi Susan S.
That's the first message that came through. Yes indeed, please sing any and everywhere. It's good news we need to hear!

Nick Finke said...

An excellent rendering of my favorite canticle.

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift.

June Butler said...

Tobias in the tunnel, it's still lovely. Thanks to you and Richard.

cryptogram said...

May I occasionally reproduce the words on a service paper? We have Morning Prayer as a main service in a church with a congregation of about 12, and usually sing a metrical version of the Gospel Canticle. I think this would be a worthy addition to the repertoire!

Fr John Marshall

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thanks to all for the kind words. Please do feel free to reproduce the words for parish or other use. I'm a fan of metrical versions for just that reason -- singing prays twice!

Erin said...

This is delightful! Thank you for this and for permission to use it.

WSJM said...

This is splendid, Tobias. Thank you!

Ann said...

Excellent --

Anonymous said...


Leeds? I thought it had the tonal quality more along the range of the Holland Tunnel.

However, your words and music are quite fine and very singable even for me, and you know I always sound like I am in a tunnel. Thank you.