December 28, 2007

A thought for 12.28.07

The Common Cause Partners are just one more example of a same-sects relationship.

Tobias Haller


Anonymous said...

*Groan* :)

Good on them for posting a feedback/comments form on their front page. Pity they had to link to CANA too.

I wonder if they'll reprint my comment? ;)

John D Bassett said...

No, I disagree. Duncan and Iker together are virtually the definition of heterosectuality. And observation shows that heterosectuals do not form lasting relationships.

PseudoPiskie said...

Shoot. Now you've caused me to spurt red wine all over my keyboard, Tobias. Of course Dennis might think that spurting is all Hey Mambo is worth. It was better than the $80 stuff my bro liked so I stole it and brought it home.

Anonymous said...

isn't it curious that i could sign on to their theological statement?

June Butler said...

Tobias, love, this is borderline, "Please leave the stage". And you an ex-thespian.

Tim, here's the statement at the site:

We will gather these responses and summarize them for our leadership. Let your voice be heard!

I don't know if your voice will be heard or not. Could be a sneaky way to get the desired results.

Anonymous said...

oy! and *Groan* indeed

Anonymous said...


I should probably agree with other who commented here and just groan

Though I have to confess, that after I read it, there was this moment where, i did have coffee sort of running out my nose and all over the keyboard.

I guess that will teach me to sip coffee and read blogs at the same time.

Mary Sue said...

For the record: Coffee up the nose HURTS.

Heee. Ow.

G said...

Aren't Forward in Faith and the Reformed Episcopal Church, for example, very much opposite sects?