December 29, 2007

Psalms for Unity, Service and Blessing (133 and 134)

O how good and pleasant it is, when brethren live together in unity.
It is like fine oil upon the head, that runs down upon the beard,
Upon the beard of Aaron, and runs down upon the collar of his robe.
It is like the dew of Hermon that falls upon the hills of Zion.
For there the Lord has ordained the blessing: life for evermore.
Behold now, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord, you that stand by night in the house of the Lord.
Lift up your hands in the holy place and bless the Lord; the Lord who made heaven and earth bless you out of Zion.

a setting by Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG, 1991

MP3 File

View or download the sheet music here.


susan s. said...

This is gorgeous !
Is it available anywhere? And who is singing? I want my choir director to hear it. He would be interested in the performers.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thanks Susan S. This composition has never been published, but I may put the sheet music into PDF format if anyone is interested in it.

Actually the "singers" are part of the East-West Symphonic Choir software -- a computer based virtual choir, consisting of many gigs of actual choir samples that the software then miraculously stitches together. Amazing, ain't it!

susan s. said...

Truly! I am interested in the sheet music.

BTW....I just saw your video of 'Forbidden Love' Also truly amazing. I am still chuckling!

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

I've added a link to a pdf of the sheet music. It's a "rough" printout without dynamics or slurs, but it gives an idea... t

susan s. said...

Did you take down your last comment? about fixing the sharps or flats? about the sounds as if they used soprano sounds also, even though you wrote for tenor, baritone and bass. Yes, I see that you wrote it for the Profession of Br. Bernard, so it would be only for the choir of Brothers to sing. Oh well.

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Yes, Susan, I took down the other note as I was able to fix the enharmonic spellings, so the score is now correct. And yes, when I wrote the piece it was sung by the brothers, but when I did the synthesis I liked the sound of the boy choir for the top voice. It seems to work well that way. Of course, it could be sung by women's voices too!

susan s. said...

The poor altos will feel so left out!

June Butler said...

The piece is lovely, and the technology is amazing.

So. Where's the video?

Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Dear Susan S., for the altos... The version in the audio actually pitched the tenor and baritone lines up an octave, so they really are treble and counter-tenor -- though they could be performed by sop and alt.

GM, thanks for you comment. I will post the referenced video here at a suitable time... in the new year.

RFSJ said...


I liked this composition very much, and I had no idea it was a synthetic choir! Is this software very expensive?

Happy Holy Name,